Valeting Packages

Premium Valet

Compact: £35

Standard £45

Large £60

Time Scale (Approx.) : 2 hours

  • Contactless pre wash exterior  using a citrus based formula

  • Contactless pre rinse using PH neutral snow foam

  • Panel gaps, grills,badges ETC of the exterior are washed using a super soft synthetic detailers brush with Citrus based APC.

  •  Door shuts and fuel filler recess are areas detailed with super soft synthetic detailers brush and a citrus based degreaser

  • Exterior thoroughly hand washed using multi bucket system

  • Full Exterior dried using ultra plush towel and warm filtered air to remove water from hidden crevices

  • Complete Wheels clean (faces, barrel, wheel bolt holes and the backs of the spokes)

  • Tyre walls scrubbed to remove any old dressings and brake dust

  • Tyres and wheel arches coated in a high gloss or satin dressing

  • Hard Interior plastics, dashboard, centre console, door cards, drinks holders, foot pedals etc are dusted 

  • Carpets and top matts thoroughly vacuumed

  • Interior blast scented with hyper fresh air scent

*Please Note that these are only price guides*