Maintenance Valeting

We offer our maintenance valeting services to look after your car on a regular basis, keeping it clean, looking factory fresh and giving it a showstopper shine throughout the year. 


We offer maintenance schemes of fortnightly and monthly cleans. Regular maintenance appointments will ensure that your bodywork and interior protection are topped up and are performing correctly, ensuring your vehicle is protected from things such as UV damage, bird lime etching and interior stains. 


To begin with the maintenance programme, we will need to complete an initial Optimum Valet. This will include a deep clean of the exterior and interior and a choice of bodywork and interior protection bolt-ons.

These can be found below.

~ Paint correction

~ Ceramic coating for exterior paintwork

~ Ceramic coating for wheels

~ Smart Glass coating for enhanced vision in wet conditions

~ Permanent trim restorer

~ Leather seat protection

~ Fabric seat protection

- Carpet and top mat protection

- Dashboard protection (UV protection)

Our maintenance packages work on a pre-booked basis however if you need to change the date we are coming out to see you, we will give you 2 weeks - 1 week to let us know the new date otherwise we cannot guarantee bookings and your deposit will still be required for the session.

Price Guide

Compact: £45 (each month)

Standard: £55 (each month)

Large: £65 (each month)

*please note this is only a price guide*

Please contact Blake on 07366161155 for more information and pricing.

Please note terms and conditions apply, such as, we will need to assess the vehicles condition in person before an accurate price can be given.